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Curate your essential brand asset libraries in one place and transform creative storage from frustrating filing to simple & stylin’.


How to use – Try for free

Our asset library is a great way for your brand team to curate, store and share your creative brand assets.

Follow this quick guide to get started:

  1. Select either the blank template or the pre-filled template.
  2. Create an account (Free)
  3. Customize your hub – add your brand name, logo and colors.
  4. Start uploading your assets.

Why you and your creative team need an asset library

Here’s how a brand asset library can benefit your creative team remotely:

  1. Easy access to digital assets – No matter where you are
  2. Improves productivity and communication –  Find the asset you need, when you need it, instead of waiting on email replies
  3. Sharing and Distribution – Get the right people involved at the right time
  4. Permissions and access – Keep track of who has access to what
  5. Time savings – Don’t lose time to unnecessary admin anymore

If you need more information, check out our 5 Benefits of Digital Asset Management for Creative Teams article.

What is Niice?

Niice is a unique brand hub that presents every asset in its full technicolour glory to radically transform how well teams and partners understand, find, and use your brand assets in the wild.

Niice brings brand creatives, and the teams they design work for, together in one beautiful, scalable, cloud-based hub that eliminates the chaos of high-volume design delivery while reducing the effort associated with maintaining large, complex asset libraries.

Find out more on our homepage.