August 25, 2014

Two-way Dropbox Sync

Dropbox Sync

We’ve just launched a cool new Pro feature: Dropbox Sync. When enabled, Niice creates Dropbox folders for all your moodboards and automatically backs up any images you save.

However the really cool thing is that it syncs both ways, so you can create and edit moodboards from the comfort of your desktop! Create a folder in Dropbox, drag some images into it, and Niice will automatically create a beautiful moodboard from it.

This makes getting images in and out of Niice ridiculously quick and easy; whether you want to upload your huge inspiration library, or pull a moodboard’s images into a presentation.

If you’re already a Pro user, you can enable Dropbox sync now on your account page. If not, you can upgrade for just $7.50/mo or $60/yr.

As always, we’d love to hear any feedback you have; fire us an email or say hi on Twitter.

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