Be my Brand Valentine?

Unexpected collaborations spreading the love

Every year, a number of brands get together to bring us something unique during the run up to Valentine's Day. From chocolate branded makeup to saucy playlists, below are some of our favourites from last year.

Tinder & Spotify: Valentine's Day Playlist

In 2021, Spotify noticed an increase of 49% of global listeners streaming love themed podcasts compared to 2020 - indicating that users are on the lookout for dating and relationship advice and are using technology to get it.

Tinder added 'anthems' to users' profiles so they could show off their musical taste and to attract those with similar vibes.

This partnership gathered all the love themed songs and podcasts displayed on users Tinder profiles and complied them all into one lovesick playlist.

Curious? You can listen to it here:

Etude House & Hershey’s Chocolate

Something sweet for the makeup lovers. Etude House and Hersey's melted together to bring out this limited-edition makeup line. Comprising of six products and various palettes, they seemed to have all the tastes covered.

Appealing to the chocolate lovers out there, this mashup seemed to have hit all the right love notes.

Lynx Africa Marmite

Yeah, you read that right. Lynx and Marmite? I don't get it either. Celebrating 25 years of Lynx Africa's existence, this mash-up is one I don't think anyone expected.

While not really under the Valentines theme, Lynx insists that Lynx Africa Marmite will 'Evoke your inner lover' with hints of green herbs and 'whispers' of white moss.

Self-proclaimed scent of the century (According to them and only them), it really is a love it or hate it kind of thing.

Deliveroo & KFC

KFC launched their bucket ring to help lovestruck foodies pop the question on Valentines. The limited-edition rings were Deliveroo-ed straight to your door with your meal, how could you say no?

Anyone who proposed with an expensive diamond ring in 2020 missed a beat here.

Tinder & Homesick Candles

A candle for single people? There really is a niche for everything. Tinder teamed up with Homesick candles to 'flip the bird' to traditional Valentine's Day culture.

Championing "Singles Awareness Day", an anti-consumerism, pro-single day, this mashup sends the message that it's ok to be single and encourages friends to spend time with each other and exchange gifts instead. Not every anti-consumerism if you ask me. Left swipe.

Tinder & Deliveroo

Sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-NG. Teaming up together to help singles have a positive Valentines experience.

30 Tinder profile pictures were printed on 1,000 takeaway boxes from Wingstop joints in London and Birmingham. Anyone ordering over Valentines has a chance to receive one of these limited boxes and if they see someone they like, scan the QR code and get swiping.

The ultimate wingman experience it could be said.