The Super Bowl and the Rise of In-House Ads

The paradigm is shifting. The rise of in-house Super Bowl ads has begun.

Agencies have always owned the Super Bowl space and rightly so. With some great work from Venables Bell & Partners, Grey New York, Bullish, 72andSunny, David & Goliath and many more. There is however a shift in the status quo and a number of companies have started to move things in-house.

Super Bowl 2022

Below are the in-house ads for the Super Bowl 2022:


“Through this campaign, we hope to inspire the entrepreneurial spirit of a generation of creators that are building brands and selling the things they’re passionate about. We aim to give them all the tools they need to grow a thriving online business.” Kevin Nabipour -Director of strategy, content and partnerships


"The idea that 'your next customer may be your mom' inspired the ad" Carvana Co-Founder and Chief Brand Officer Ryan Keeton


“Hannah was the perfect antagonist for our story. She delivered an amazing performance that brought the character to life and set the stage we envisioned for our first-ever Super Bowl commercial.” Dana Marineau - CMO of Rakuten Rewards.


“He’s (Willie Nelson) still on his feet doing what he loves best – entertaining the masses on tour, and now helping spread our comfort message along the way.” Michael Greenberg - Skechers President

Pepsi (Special Mention)

While Pepsi didn't have a Super Bowl ad per se, it was their inhouse team that brought us the Pepsi Half Time show

Super Bowl 2021

Below are the seven in-house ads from the Super Bowl 2021:

Bass Pro Shops

“On the eve of the 50th anniversary of Bass Pro Shops, in addition to providing added inspiration for families to get out in nature together, we wanted to celebrate and say thank you to our incredibly talented and passionate team members at Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s stores across North America who have very deservingly earned the reputation as, ‘The World’s Foremost Outfitters'.” Johnny Morris - Founder of Bass Pro Shops


DEFY LOGIC celebrates people pursuing their passions and breaking new ground, despite what current conventions, past precedent or traditional thinking might suggest is possible,” - Heidi Arkinstall, CMO at Logitech.


“With Tony delivering color commentary at his first Super Bowl, this is the perfect venue to show fans watching the humorous side of the former star quarterback,”  Michael Greenberg - President of Skechers.


"What do 100 million people want and need after the gauntlet of 2020? Hope. Optimism. Something transportive. This ad is a modern version of a classic movie musical. It's a spectacle, but one that's anchored by a message anyone can relate to: You deserve to follow your dreams and be happy." Ben Hughes - Squarespace VP


“Not only are we featuring America’s favourite snacks, but also America’s favourite NFL legends with the most ever in a commercial for us. We wanted to show the excitement and joy that players and fans alike have around the Super Bowl and do it in a fun and unexpected way that we hope puts a lot of smiles on people’s faces when they see it.” Rachel Ferdinando - SVP and CMO of Frito-Lays NA


“As we thought about building on the success we had last year, we had the idea of introducing this new character, the Goddess of Fortune, that personifies the brand. She will continue to live on beyond the Super Bowl." Stephanie Sherman - DraftKings’ CMO.

Guaranteed Rate

“Our new Believe You Will campaign is authentically us. We are a mortgage company that believes ‘We Grow For Good’–the more we grow, the more good we can do. We believe people are amazing and can do anything they want in the world; they just have to believe they can.” Victor Ciardelli, CEO at Guaranteed Rate