Spring updates

All things multiplayer!

Now that everyone is working from home, we’ve switched our focus to help with remote creative workflows. Certain features that once seemed ‘nice-to-have’ suddenly jumped to the top of the priority list as teams adapt to a new reality, and begin to settle into an entirely different way of working.

Features that once seemed ‘nice-to-have’ suddenly got bumped to the top of the priority list as teams adapt to a new reality

If a creative discussion needed to happen 6 months ago, everyone got in the same room, printed stuff out, and put it up on the wall. Now we’re having to think of new ways to share and review work, and figure out how we can have creative discussions without being in the same room.

With our all-new ‘multiplayer’ features, our goal is to better translate those ‘office moments’ into fully remote experiences, and help teams collaborate on creative work, wherever they may be.

New this month

Presence Indicator

We’ve had realtime collaboration for as long as we’ve had boards, but it hasn’t always been clear when someone is viewing the board with you. Now if you click on your team’s avatars you’ll be able to see, at a glance, who’s active on the board with you.

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Live cursors

With live cursors you can provide context to a discussion by gesturing over something you want to draw attention to, walk through work by following along with cursor movements, and have visibility over which part of the board people are working on.

To see them in action, simply open a board at the same time as someone else.

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What other features would be super useful now that you’re working remotely? Let us know 😊


Other improvements

  • Fixed a bug where the bulk actions drawer would stay open, even if no items were selected
  • Added an indicator for free users to show how many free exports they have remaining
  • Changed dashboard’s default sort order to “Last created”
  • Fixed a bug where the number of gutters didn't reflect the gutter number in the style palette
  • Tidied up the role information that's displayed when you click on someone’s avatar
  • Fixed a bug with some emails failing when trying to add team members
  • Fixed a bug where headings sometimes loaded without their proper formatting