Pre-Christmas cleanup

As 2020 (finally) draws to a close, we’ve been busy laying the groundwork for some huge updates coming in 2021.

Over the past few months, we've started making some improvements in preparation for Niice 3 coming next year 🎉 Today, we’re rolling out some small tweaks to our dashboard, huge performance improvements, and new ways to add content and organise your boards.

Thumbnails are now 16:9 instead of square

Sleeker thumbnails

We've updated the board thumbnails on your dashboard to be 16:9 instead of square, but don't worry, the board itself hasn't changed! We've just made an aesthetic improvement that makes it easier to scroll through your boards to find what you're looking for.

We’ve automatically updated your existing thumbnails to match the new ratio, but if you want to replace any of them you can do so easily from the sidebar.

Hide sections in navigation

Sections are a great way to organise your board content, but if you have a complex board with lots of sections, you might want to hide a few so they don't appear in the navigation at the top.

Simply go to the "..." dropdown on a section and select "hide in navigation" to remove it from the navbar for yourself, and anyone else who will be viewing the board.

Copy and paste items

Copy & paste items

You can now copy and paste items to upload them to a board. Simply copy an image to your clipboard (from your desktop, a website, or wherever), then go to your board and hit CMD+V to paste it in and upload it. The image will be added to your board near to wherever your cursor is when you hit paste.

Team management

As part of the dashboard updates, we’ve retired the string of avatars from the header. If you’re looking for your team, you can find them in your new ‘People’ page, where admins can easily manage their access levels, resend invites, etc.


Although the dashboard may not look much different, under the hood it’s actually brand new. We’ve rebuilt everything from the ground up, leading to some huge performance improvements: your dashboard will now load ~70% faster the first time you visit it, and practically instantly from then on!

We’re working on bringing these same performance improvements to boards too, so stay tuned.