One link to rule them all.

Introducing custom domains.

Every day, all over the world, millions of designers live in fear of a single question...

“Hey could you send me our logo?”
“Where are the photos from our latest campaign?”
“What’s the hex code for our green?”
“Where’s the”—ok, so it’s hundreds thousands of questions. But it’s not their fault. Brand assets are everywhere, buried deep in folders, lost in the stream, hidden behind a sea of blue links.

With Niice you can build a home for your brand, bringing everything together in one place with one single link. Today, we’re making it possible for paid hubs to brand that link, making it more memorable and recognisable to your team and partners.

Anyone who goes directly to your hub’s domain will see your branded sign-in page, which you can customise in your hub settings.

Free hubs on Niice also now have their own unique subdomain (e.g., where all your boards will now live. Don’t worry — all your old links will still work! They’ll be automatically redirected to your new subdomain.

Head over to your hub settings to claim your domain