Living on cloud 9

Another year older. From a simple inspiration search engine to a full brand hub for in-house creative teams, Niice has evolved a lot over the past nine years.

Along the way, we’ve had the opportunity to work with some of the world’s most creative brands—teams like Disney, Playstation and Instagram—and even though the product has evolved a lot since 2013, our goal is the same: we want to help creatives do their best work.

Here’s a quick update on what’s changed in the last year, and a peek at what’s next for Niice…

What’s new from Niice this year?

In 2021 we focused on customisation & access management; making it easy to make your hub feel on-brand, while controlling who has access to what. We also made some big improvements under the hood to improve performance and setting ourselves up for much bigger changes and improvements down the road.

Check out the Niice Blog for more info on new features like brand colors, customisable buttons, subdomains and more.

Going remote

Last year, we also made the decision to officially become a remote company. We’ve been working remotely by necessity since March 2020, but when things started to open up again we became remote by choice. We’ve developed some great habits and processes over the last two years (including playing Exploding Kittens every morning over Zoom), and we all feel much more productive now than when we were distracting each other in-person every day.

We still find in-person meetings really great for more strategic discussions, alignment and knowledge-sharing, so we meet up in real life about once a month. However when it comes to execution—getting our heads down and actually moving things forward—we do that better remotely.

P.S. if that sounds like your kind of workplace, we’re hiring.

What’s next?

Over the last 9 years we’ve learned a lot about how creative teams build and develop brands. From speaking to creative leaders all over the world, to observing how our customers use Niice every day, we’ve gained deep insights into how brands are created, communicated and continually evolved.

During lockdown, we’ve been busily working on a whole new approach to brand guidelines & playbooks: Niice Docs.

We aren’t quite ready to show it to the world just yet, but it’s going to completely transform how you document & communicate your brand.

Want to be the first to try Niice Docs? Request early access

Onwards and upwards

The past 9 years have flown in. Niice is better than ever (both the product and the company), but it still feels like we’re just getting started.

We’re a bootstrapped business from wee Northern Ireland, helping creative teams all over the world show what their brands are made of. We couldn’t do it without your support, so whether you’ve been using Niice since 2013 or discovered us last week: thank you.