Niice 3.0 Early Access

Build a home for your brand.

It’s 2020, but instead of flying cars we have a global pandemic and Trevor from marketing asking if you could re-send him that logo you sent him last week.

We don’t know anything about vaccines, so we figured we’d solve the logo thing instead.

To be fair, when your brand assets are spread across the four corners of the web, it’s hard to keep track. Guidelines are in Keynote or Slides (except for the PDFs in Dropbox). Photos are in Drive, icons are in Figma, and the logos are in a WeTransfer link that’s about to expire. As for project files... your best bet is to brew some strong coffee, open your inbox, and start scrolling.

Finding the right logo should be as easy as finding a great show on Netflix.

Finding the right logo or photo, staying up to date with changes, or being inspired by your team’s work should be as easy as finding a great show on Netflix. So over lockdown we’ve been working with creatives at Disney, Uber and Nordstrom to develop a new approach to brand asset management.

With Niice 3.0 you can build a home for your brand, bringing all your guidelines, libraries and projects together in one place. So instead of sending Trevor 16 links, 7 PDFs, 3 Figma invites and a partridge in a pear tree... you can send him a single link, where your brand lives.

If that sounds like something your team needs, you can request early access here.