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Insights: a new interview series with front-line creatives from the likes of…

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The creative industry is changing. When we speak to creative teams about their workflows, the same challenges come up time and time again; like campaigns getting exponentially more complex, teams getting more remote and dispersed, and brands investing more on in-house teams. They’re having to produce more creative with fewer resources, yet often find themselves spending more time creating presentations of work to get feedback or sign-off, rather than on the creative work itself.

Those who are solving problems on the front-line rarely have time to share what they’ve learned.

It seems like the entire creative industry is in flux right now. Luckily we’re an industry of problem-solvers, but those who are solving problems on the front-line rarely have time to write a blog post — or prepare a conference talk — to share what they’ve learned. In this ongoing interview series, we’ll be gathering their perspectives together to build a picture of how innovative creative teams are adapting to a changing industry.

We’re launching with a range of insights from leaders at the likes of Fjord, Sonos & Deutsch, but we’d love to hear your perspective too. Whether you’re leading a team of two or running a global agency, get in touch!

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