July 19, 2013

Design Principles

These are some of the principles we’re striving to uphold as we create Niice. We won’t always succeed and we’ll make mistakes, but when we do we’d love you to let us know.

1. Don’t get in the way

Like a French waiter, Niice should be there when you need it, bringing you the finest delicacies with the minimum fuss, then getting the heck out of the way while you tuck in.

2. Safe for work

You want to be able to use Niice in front of your colleagues and clients without anything awkward appearing on the screen, and we want to be able to show it to our mums without getting ‘The Talk’.

3. Tasteful restraint

The signal-to-noise ratio must be high, and that goes for the interface as well as content. Any non-content element that takes up screen space had better have a very good reason for doing so, and look good while doing it.

4. Embrace serendipity

We want to give you results that you don’t expect, presented in a way that inspires your brain to make new connections. Niice isn’t for finding an image that you can copy, it’s for bringing together lots of ideas for you to combine into something new.

Private collection & effortless presentations for creative teams.

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